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First wire-transfer to Indonesian Bank

Hi All, especially for all Indonesian contractors.

Just want share a experience, hope this will be useful.

Today (12/12/12) I have withdrawn my earnings by wire transfer to Bank Mandiri.
Lets see how this proceed... I'll update this post as it's progressed.

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Hi All. The oDesk

Hi All.

The oDesk wire-transfer processing is very fast for a international wire-transfer, I was though it should take up to 3 days to complete, but I noticed by an SMS (Mandiri SMS Banking) that the money was transferred at 1 PM when I withdrew it at 9 AM.

Is this normal? because I don't think the transfer will done that fast Smile. Excellent work for oDesk!, but they can still improve it. I think they need to confirm us when they successfully transfer the money, not just from our Bank's side.

Please share your experience and opinion.


Hi..I use Bank Tabungan


I use Bank Tabungan Negara.
It just take 12 hours until my balance added to my bank account, with wire-transfer method.

SWIFT code

Hi, ardhan

i want to ask you a question, which SWIFT code did you use for bank mandiri?

Late Transfer: Odesk or Bank Mandiri?

I was transferring/withdrawing my fund to Bank Mandiri yesterday. I have done many times in weekly basis in previous months and it was very fast less than 12hrs as what I have experienced.
However, until yesterday (26 June 2013) - withdrawing at around 8.30am (my local time) and checked around 7pm to 9pm but nothing happened. I was wondering, what's going on? what's happened? Odesk or Bank Mandiri?
I just check with my Mandiri online banking today - 27 June 2013 at 11.30am still nothing.
Am I the only one who facing this late now?

Please note: I have done withdrawing many times and it was very fast. I don't know what's happened until yesterday and today?
Is there any public holidays where Odesk office where suppose to do the transfer?

Thank in advance for anyone who can share the experiences.

Hi Budi, It's too early to

Hi Budi,

It's too early to say anything. Please give 3-5 days and hopefully your funds will hit the bank. Otherwise please check your transactions page to see if the funds were returned due to some reason. You can report to Support at this stage to confirm if the withdrawal was successfully processed and also please call your bank to see if they are holding the funds due to some issue.

If 10 working days pass and you still don't receive your funds, then you can request Support to initiate a trace.

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international wire-transfer = Local Funds Transfer (IDR) ?

can i ask by mean international wire-transfer is "Local Funds Transfer (IDR)" i planned to withdraw my first next week.


Hi Adi, Yes, your local

Hi Adi,

Yes, your local funds transfer is an international wire as the funds are being sent from one country to another. Even if you were to withdraw in US dollars, it would still be an international wire transfer.

Hope this helps...

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