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Update video production test?

There's only one test for us video producing contractors here on oDesk.

It's an After Effects 7.0 test. First of all it's filed under web design (?) and second (and most importantly) it was released in 2006. Since then the interface and its general functions have been drastically updated.

It's unfair for us who started working with newer versions of the software (I myself started with AE CS3) to not update the test, so we can get scores that actually reflect our skills with the programs new and advanced functions.

Also there's no video editing test. There could be a general video editing test that puts our theoretical knowledge to the test, like general video editing rules, or we could have application specific tests. I myself work with Avid Media composer which is a pro broadcasting cutter.

Adobe's Premiere's test also could benefit from an update (also filed under web designing).

Anyone with me?

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