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I seem to be a magnet for scammers

I honestly don't know what I am doing wrong, but I seem to be a magnet for scammers. It's getting quite old and depressing. My profile is complete, I've taken tests and even submitted some examples of my work, yet three out of five client contacts have been scams I've had to report. Could one of the more experienced oDesk contractors please look at my profile and tell me where I am going wrong? These scammers are wasting a lot of my time on here. Thanks--please be honest, but try not to be brutal.

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Don't apply to jobs in the bottom feeder segment!

To be honest, when you apply to jobs in the very bottom segment of the oDesk pond that's what you'll find.

Why do you apply for jobs with an $ 1.00 per hour budget? I'd pay myself $ 2.00 an hour to take the dog out before wasting my time on nonsense like that .....

I think your problem is that you haven't found a niche in which you can be competitive yet. You apply for jobs that generally go to desperados at $ 1.00 or less and that is exactly the segment where the scammers go fishing for their next victim.

Think about the marketable skills you have which are NOT in the bottom feeder segment and then overhaul your profile concentrating on marketable skills.

I'd also change the profile picture if I were you, to something a little more "professional" - it's a nice snapshot but again does not scream "valuable professional who will add value to my business"

oDesk is full of low level con artists...

...I'm afraid. Your profile doesn't look too bad - I think you might be getting more than the usual number of scam invites because of your rate (it's too low) and maybe just because of the sort of work you do. You could raise your rate to at least a bit over minimum wage for your country and hide the bottom two test results.

If you're getting a ridiculous number of spam invites, you can always turn your profile to private. If these are jobs you applied to, try being a lot more choosy. The "Job Warning Signs" thread stickied at the top is useful. Also, investigate other sources of jobs - oDesk should not be your only one.