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Payment to Agency Contractors directly through odesk (Introduce any method please)

Dear all,

I lives in Pakistan, I have an agency here that I want to grow through integration with my local consulting.

The only problem I am facing is currency fluctuations in my country. I want to give payments to my agency contractors using odesk. So that I may pay them in US Dollars and get rid of that currency risk. Moreover I dont want to deal in cash in hand for more than 10 contractors.

I wish, I had told odesk my retention rate and odesk do the rest

For example... If I receive $10/hour of my contractor work and I want to pay them $7/hour, Then automatically for every amount added weekly to my wallet, there shall be a direct routing of $7/hour to my agency contractor. (Making me clear enough about my share and no calculations and local ATM withdrawl & payments for each contractor separately)

It would be helpful for all staffing manager. What do other say

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