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LFT PHP delay

Hello Filipino Contractors,

Payments for LFT PHP on 12/26 did not process correctly. While they are still trying to expedite the payment, it is likely that these payments will be delayed a day. Additionally, payment delivery will be impacted by Philippine bank holidays on 12/31 and 1/1.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team.

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LFT Delays

Hi Monica,

Thanks for shedding light on our concerns.

Is there any possibility that oDesk can prioritize/speed up our bank transfer so that hopefully it will be available on Sunday? Our banks mentioned that as soon as they receive a notice from your bank partner they will process it right away within 24 hours.

I hope to hear a response from you.

Cheers and advance happy new year!

Hi! Just wondering, does this

Hi! Just wondering, does this apply to every bank account in the Philippines? I requested a withdrawal last Dec. 28 via Unionbank. When can I expect my money to arrive?


Processing was delayed a day

Processing was delayed a day plus two days bank holidays, that's three days and greater chance that credit will appear on the fourth day. Let's start our year with a delayed fund transfer. Yay!

Not blaming oDesk there's nothing really much they can do with our bank holidays. Man, we Filipinos love holidays.

delayed LFT

Odesk is somehow responsible to this scenario as well. If only they have processed the withdrawal evening of Dec 26, our funds should have arrived Friday evening. Moreover, Odesk should have anticipated the problem and made certain adjustment on their end like negotiating with their partner banks to expedite the processing of all withdrawals made on the 26th. Odesk is aware of how many of its members rely on LFT and their concern must always be the welfare of their members. I am not mad or whatsoever, I am just voicing my opinion here. Issues like these can be prevented through proper negotiations with parties involved.

Delayed LFT

So that means we will get our money on January 2-4? Goodluck to us, having a new year with no money because of delayed LFT.

LFT Delay

In the email that was sent to me from odesk, the fund will hit my acct on Jan. 3, 2013 that was withdrawn last dec. 26.

I have a feeling that when I withdrew that amount last dec 26, it won't reflect in my acct on friday as what we always anticipated.

What the email says, it will really happen.

Happy New Year to us all...

Is it possible?

Is it possible it would hit today or later evening (ph time) ??
Mine got processed Dec.28 5am (ph time).

Good point. Being proactive

Good point. Being proactive is not one of the oDesk's values so it can't be helped.

12/26 payments to be available on 1/3

Thank you everyone for your patience with the 12/26 payment delay. The banks are back from the holidays and payments are processing. We expect that these payments will be available on 1/3/13.

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Thanks Monica, Really waiting

Thanks Monica, Really waiting for my money to come on my Union bank, I transferred it last 12/26 but until now I did not receive yet, so sad because I don't have money until now and did not use my money during New Year Sad


funds not yet available

Hi Monica,
It's 1/3/13 at 3pm.
no signs of funds yet.
Is it going to be credited today?
This is very disappointing,
Everyone had a blast last new year except us oDeskers who did not get the funds last Saturday. Sad

for your information

Hi Monica. We appreciate your advise but as of now still no funds available for us. As per your Odesk email notice, funds will be delivered Jan 3. You might want to enlighten us on this matter. Many thanks!

Still No Funds

Hi Monica,

Still no signs of funds. Withdrew through BPI LFT last Dec. 26. Please advice.

LFT PHP delay


BPI user here! It's Jan.04,2013 and it's 12:31 am already and still we haven't got our funds. Just to let you know we are planning to pull out by next year. And can you do something to this issue, before we already had problem like this. So try to work things out there.

Thank you ,but why is that

Thank you ,but why is that super delayed and If we talk to the support team why they did not answered us properly or not responds on our message:( so sad to hear that we all have a needs specially those people who wait and depends the money to but they medicine for their sick family Sad


Any of you guys received the funds already? It's already in the afternoon and I'm a bit worried.... Sad

I Super agree. whenever we

I Super agree. whenever we chat with Odesk support it's as if they are the last to know about the problem. They reply with canned responses with out really analyzing the question. I actually stop Odesk support, instead of getting help , i always just end up being so annoyed. And btw, its 1/3, I havent receive my funds. I so hope we get it by 6pm manila time today!


I JUST CALLED UNIONBANK WHILE CHATTING WITH AN ODESK REPRESENTATIVE. UNIONBANK REP ODESK HAS NOT TRANSMITTED THE FUNDS TO UNIONBANK. WHILE THE ODESK REP SAID IF YOU HAVE WITHDRAWN THE FUNDS DEC 26 AUTOMATICALLY IT WAS TRANSFERRED THE 27TH THUS WE NEED TO ASK THE RECEIVING BANK...... Hey, what's going on? We worked for it and we shouldn't be running in circles. I worked with Odesk since 2010 and it's getting harder with withdrawals...Would it be better to tranfer to ELANCE and bring our clients there? OR WE NEED TO CHANGE BANK, FROM UNIONBANK TO BPI? What do you think?

Changing banks

I don't know about changing from Union Bank to BPI. I use BPI and I also experience the same problem. Btw, it's already 5 pm and still no funds yet. So sad.

What time exactly?

What Time Exactly are the funds arriving?
last minute of Jan.3 11:59pm Ph time? or 11:59pm Jan.3 California time which is already January FOUR 3:59 Afternoon Friday!
We HAVE Bills to pay, oDesk!
We Have families to feed, oDesk!
We Have lives, oDesk!
You notified us thru Email that it will hit on the 3rd.

Same reason. Delay. Delay. Delay...

Any news yet?

Still Nada! I checked at 5pm

Where did the funds go?

Nothing in my bank account yet as of 6:00PM. Sad

It's Jan. 3, 2013! Any news?

It's Jan. 3, 2013! Any news?

Money coming 10 PM or later i

Money coming 10 PM or later i guess. No problem, the money will come Smile

Still no funds

I just checked a few minutes ago and still no funds available. This is a serious matter already. Odesk must deliver it today as per their notice last Dec 28. Can somebody from Odesk reply on this message trail? People are expecting their money because they need it for their families. What is the use of working if we will not get our funds in the end.

still no funds

common odesk...where are the funds...we need it badly!!!

OMG! What will we do if the

OMG! What will we do if the funds do not arrive today? I thought this only happen on BPI accounts. This is definitely disappointing.

To Odesk: Please act on this issue at once. Do not risk your reputation, give us answers!


It’s 7:20pm exactly on my end. No funds on my Union bank acct yet...I can't believe I'm experiencing this delayed funds issue again. It seems it was just a few weeks back when I had issues with my BPI Family –LFT and now…this…(sigh)

online check

To those who can access their accounts online, please give us feedback if you have received your funds. Many thanks!

online check

still no funds online..

got it!

I just got mine a while ago.

got it

still nothing on my end...i'm using BPI


me too...bpi user here.. Sad

What bank are you using?

Hi Alona,

Can you enlighten us what bank and procedure you used? So that we can help the others regarding this problem.


is this the one you withdrew Dec 26?

is this the one you withdrew Dec 26?

mine too!

I got mine too! Wink thanks odesk! I'm Using Unionbank

mine too!

still no funds available

dec 26

yes, dec 26 via LFT. my bank is Unionbank. I usually get mine on Saturdays. I was wondering why it took a while so I checked the forum to see if there's an issue.

funds received

Just checked with Unionbank and my funds just arrived around 7;01pm.

Just got mine....

Just got mine....

I withdrew mine on Dec. 28. I

I withdrew mine on Dec. 28. I wonder when my funds will arrive Sad


did you guys check online??


Still no funds.
Mine's Metrobank.
But knowing you guys got yours.
I'll check later.

Hi Danjick!

When did you withdraw your funds? I think we have the same problem.

Still No Funds!

BPI LFT, no funds until now. Withdrew last Dec 26.

just funds

just funds yet..withdrew last dec 26 using BPI LFT..arrgg! should have used paypal then unionbank..won't be using using BPI again!!

Got mine already! Thank God!

Got mine already! Thank God!

you're using what bank?

you're using what bank?

your bank is?

your bank is?


For those using BPI-please post a comment if you have already received your money..