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notification explain

Please I need an explanation. what does notification shows if I receive an invitation or acceptance of job but it was not appear the employers task? Where can I see the employers notifying my task?

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Jocelyn, I'm sorry but I

Jocelyn, I'm sorry but I can't understand what you're trying to say.

If you were told that you have been hired, you should get a notification that says that the contract has started. The job should show up on your Contracts page. Please do not begin work before you see that active contract.

If you received an invitation to interview, it simply means that the client wants to talk to you further regarding the job, you are not hired yet, so don't begin work unless you get the notification that the contract has started.

As to the task that the client wants you to do, please send them a message to ask what needs to be done. Discuss the details and deadlines as to avoid any confusion.

If you want further explanation kindly reply with more details so I may help!

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