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Number of api request per day?

I'm thinking about creating an application that utilizes the job search api and I was wondering what would be a reasonable amount of request to make per hour or day? On the "Request a new key" page I see where you can specify your expected usage but even that does not have a fixed limit. Can key requests be rejected or are they automatically approved. Based on the current design of my application I don't think I'll require a key since it would be a client side application.

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number of request

Hello I have same question. Due of lack API abilities (compared to web GUI) I have had 1050 requests. So test application stopped at 500, then at 450 than at 200 than 17 ... etc. When i researched - it not actually stopped, but slowed up. My probem is 7 c2 parameters, and 5000 (by 200 per page) answer limit. I have to request such huge data, because I filter it on client (I don't find enough filtering in API). Now I think that I'll made every day requests. This gives me shorter responses, so I'll take only first 200 for each.

Same question

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