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Some people are never happy

Did a small job for somebody recently,it was needed urgently and I agreed to do some work on boxing day and over the holiday period weekend. Result on feedback: I get marked DOWN on availability, deadlines and communication.

I somehow think that *removed by admin* will be very, very difficult to work for.

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Ah, I know this experience:

Ah, I know this experience: Complete a deadline within an hour of receipt of contract. Quality is adored, timeousness is complained about. I no longer make sacrifices for clients I don't know. As a result, my christmas time inbox was full of messages of thanks for all the hard work, 'We wouldn't be where we are without you,' 'We are trying our best to get payments in before the 25th,' 'We are extending all deadlines until Jan' and so forth. Boundaries have their rewards.

No use crying about it. Deal

No use crying about it. Deal with it.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Thanks. I feel inspired.

Thanks. I feel inspired.

He has that effect

I think he should become a life coach.

Long time

Long time no "see," Jamie Smile Happy new year!

Happy new year to you too

Happy new year to you too Aleah. Not been about in the world of oDesk much lately but jobs elsewhere have dried up so I am back again, for a while at least.