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Threats and Blackmail from odesk workers

Today I was once again threatened by an odesk worker. This is getting more and more common. If they worker does not do the job properly or often does not have the skills to do the job properly but says they do. Then when you question their work, ask for reports and eventually a refund they get nasty and abusive.

For example I employed a person to do a job for me. They did not do the job correctly at all but still billed the hours. I gave them a chance to remedy the job. They did not but offered to refund. I accepted to be refunded. They then insisted that they would only refund outside of odesk. I refused. I got no refund. I chased them up a couple of weeks later and was again told they would only refund through paypal. So I agreed.

I was the sent an email demanding exactly what to write with 5 star feedback. I said I would write my own feedback. They then got very nasty. They then refunded through odesk as well and sent me an email threatening to ruin my site, make illegal postings, get me banned from odesk, if I did not refund the money they had refunded to me and give 5 star feedback.

Odesk needs better protection against these people who think they can do a rubbish job or no job at all, still get paid and then send abuse and threats when they are taken to task over this.

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Rachel I'm sorry that you had

Rachel I'm sorry that you had to go through this. Kindly contact Customer Support to report this contractor. Feedback blackmail is is against oDesk policies and neither client nor contractor has a right to threaten the other for a good feedback.

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If they refunded the money

If they refunded the money then there is no feedback in either direction.

[Insert inevitable comment about getting what you pay for here]

[you get what ya pay for]

[you get what ya pay for]

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