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Withdraw money using a Wire Transfer to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

May be somebody withdraw money using a Wire Transfer to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine using Contract and Act of acceptance...

I have only one question... How long can it take?

I'm try to withdraw money for 2 months... but I'm getting from support only apologize and requests to wait...

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Wire Transfer to Russia, Belorussia

Hi. As a rule, it takes 1-2 day, after that I have a notification from my bank. But sometime bank may forget to inform you:-) Be careful, because if money is not collected for some time (for Russia it's ~2 weeks), money go back to your odesk account. This case you loose all fees (30$ + another fees, wich can be spent during getting money with your bank in Belorussia, for me it is 7.5$). It maybe, you have entered wrong data into your account. Print a data form for wire transfer on odesk and go to currency control office of your bank, try to fill it together (I used this way to be sure that my money to reach my bank account).
By the way, have you status of entrepreneur? What say your bank about user agreement? By some time it works fine for Russia, but our currency law was changed some time ago, and bank requests such form of user agreement, what match a normal contract with information about sides, date, money limit and etc. with sign by me and odesk. But oDesk signs an act of acceptance only for each of money withdrawal, but not modificated User Agreement. They are right from their side, but it's not clearly, what to do me and another entrepreneur, because wire transfer is the one legal way for getting money from oDesk and paying taxes:-(

Dear Elena, I have struggled

Dear Elena,
I have struggled to convince oDeskers to send me a normal contract with all bank requisits to be able to withdraw money on regular basis to be able to pay taxesas an entrepreneur. But they disregards the issue and they don't understand that they may lose many clients. I have been withdrawing money for 7 montsh through the ordinary foreign currency bankaccount. Waiting for taxers to knock my door.oDesk financial dept has to do smth about creating personalised agreements. In Ukraine banklers ask for a stamp on the doc. It is the best place for me to earn but oDesk stuff ignores any requests.