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Need Help Filipino Contractors

Hi! Im new at Odesk and having a really difficult problem and i dont know what to do

basically, im hired as an animator, Client paid me for milestone pay 23% .. so i use Local Fund transfer ( unionbank ) as a withdrawal method.. after 4 days, i checked it on ATM machine but i did not receive it.. maybe because

My Odesk name and my bank account's name are different. I tried to change my name on Odesk. Changed it into my original name ( i have a different name bcoz this was made using my facebook account which is not my Real name ) but odesk always denied it...

now i can't withdraw the money..anyone can help me?

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No need to post this twice 45 minutes apart. Someone will answer you eventually.

im sorry , i thought the

im sorry , i thought the first one was failed to post..

Only ODesk support can help

Only ODesk support can help you in this regard. Contact them and follow their instructions.


how can i contact them??


how can i contact them??

top right corner of the page

usually google can answer pretty much anything, so you may try asking google "how do i contact odesk support".

If that doesn`t work, at top right corner of this page - click the question mark (?). Click "Contact Support" on the drop down menu. On the help page, select a topic -> "Billing and Payments" -> "Problems with Withdrawals" and click the green button that says "Live Chat".

OR simply go to this link:
and click click the green button that says "Live Chat"

Jay you need to make sure

Jay you need to make sure that your oDesk profile name is exactly the same as what you have on your account title with the exact same spellings. You can change your profile name only once, and in order to do so please contact Customer Support to initiate the process. You will need to verify your identity for this and Support will guide you as to the documents you need to submit.

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Thank you

Thank you for the response guys... ill give it a try


Hi, it was because i used FACEBOOK account to register, basically Odesk just linked my account to Facebook, and get my informations from there... The problem is, im not using my real name on facebook thats why my Odesk profile name isnt my real name too

no worries.. i got it

no worries.. i got it solved... the odesk support helped and just to clarify.. i am not breaking anything esp. TOS.. coz its not intentional, and if i dont put my real name on facebook..thats not breaking any rules.. coz thats part of privacy