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How do you give a contractor good feedback for their page?

I can't find that anywhere...I'm looking at my contractors profile, and I don't see a "leave feedback" button...I've already sent the private feedback to odesk. Thank you for any suggestions!

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Double Blind

The feedback at oDesk is called "double blind". That means both contractor and client must leave feedback before it shows or 14 days from the close of the contract must pass.

You probably HAVE left the feedback :)

Did you leave "Stars?" The feedback that will appear on your contractor's page is what you left when you closed the contract and awarded the stars.

The system is double blind, that means you will see the feedback your contractor left you once you left yours and vice versa. If one party does not leave feedback the feedback left by the other party will appear after 2 weeks.

Does that make sense?

You ave to end the contract first

Once you end the contract you are prompted to give feedback. It is pretty darn obvious as you cannot get past the screen without clicking the stars.
So I am asking, did you actually end the contract? If not, do so and feedback will show up in the time frame Doreen mentioned.

I was prompted to give

I was prompted to give feedback, though there was no place to type in custom, public comments. There was a place to enter text, though it said that was private and for odesk only, not for public viewing.

I don't remember seeing an

I don't remember seeing an option to leave stars, so if its there I must have missed it. It would be great if there was a "leave feedback" button on the contractors profile, or on the jobs listing, but there is not.

Did you END the contract??

That sounds most odd. Have you ended the contract? Officially and properly?

Can you talk us through what you actually did? Normally, once you do the "End Contract" thing it takes you automatically to a screen where you get to give 1 to 5 stars for Qualuty, Skills, Deadline, Communication, Cooperation and there is a textbox for comments.

Does that sound at all familiar?

Can we go back a couple of steps: Did you actually officially hire someone, they did the work, and you ended the contract, or they ended the contract less than two weeks ago?

I appreciate your help. I

I appreciate your help. I think I "officially" hired the person, because I received an email that my offer was accepted. Once they finished the job, I clicked "end contract", and it took my to a screen where I answered a few questions about them. I cant remember exactly what they were, but there was definitely a blank box to give private feedback directly to odesk admins. Other questions were, why was the project ended, I chose because it was completed. I dont remember a question involving the 1 to 5 stars.

This all happened today, so it has been less than two weeks.


Have you paid the contractor? Was it an hourly or a fixed price project?

When you go to your contractor's page, do you see your project, either under "jobs in progress" or underneath as an ended contract?

Nothing will "show" until a payment was made or hours had been logged if it was an hourly contract.

I think you probably did leave feedback and it is not showing yet. That is the most likely scenario. it is actually very difficult NOT to leave feedback when closing a contract and I think what you call "answer a few questions about the contractor" was actually the Stars and the "text box" you mention is the actual feedback. Let us know as I am now intrigued!

Chris, when you end a

Chris, when you end a contract, your get the option to leave a feedback to your contractor. The private feedback you've mentioned shows up if no payment is made to the contract and it is still ended.

Have you paid the contractor? If not please do so. You can still leave them feedback (within 14 days of ending the contract) by going to your Manage My Team and select the Contracts page. On the top check the box that says Ended Contracts. You will now be able to see the ended contracts including the one where you need to leave feedback. Click the "Give Feedback" button, select stars, (5 means excellent) and leave an appropriate comment in the space provided below.

Please use this link for details.

Also please note that the feedback will show up on your contractors profile only after they leave feedback for you as well(It's double blind and shows up only when both parties have left feedback). Secondly, the feedback will appear on the contractor's profile if you have paid then $1 or more, and the public profile will update within a day or so.

Hope this helps.

If you still have any confusion, please post here or better yet, contact Customer Support for further assistance.

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I'm not sure what I did wrong

I'm not sure what I did wrong initially, but I rehired the programmer and ended the contract and was shown the page with the stars. I must have done something wrong in the initial set up, thank you for your help.