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Unauthorized Odesk Payment - Customer Support


A week ago i had an odesk payment turn up on my paypal account that i did not recognize or authorize. I contacted Paypal and said that it was indeed Odesk which took the money.

I contacted odesk support and attached a screenshot of my paypal account showing the transaction in question.

I have opened a ticket and had no reply as to what is happening.

I want the money back please!

Anyone had a similar experience?

They are basically ignoring me now - although had the cheek to warn me earlier today because i had by accident made a job advert which was meant to be private a public one.


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Hi Stuart,

I had the same issue as well but on my part, what happen was the payment was processed by oDesk last Nov. 21, 2012. They told me to contact my local bank with regard to this issue but my local bank says that oDesk processed everything and the problem is not on their part. In other words, until now, I haven't received my $109.00 earnings yet. I send a ticket for nth times but it seems that they were providing me the same answers using different names. I provided everything they need such as my statement of account, screenshots of my bank account and transactions made but nothing happens. Keep on promising that they will look after this issue and will inform me after they investigate what went through but I've got nothing to receive from them but dead air.

I was thinking to talk directly to the CEO of oDesk and tell something about this. I'm sure I'm not the only one who are experiencing this mess. This is unacceptable and the dilemma they cause me made my work affected to the point that sometimes you were just thinking to logged in because you need to make your own earnings to be able to get paid. I don't think I will recommend oDesk to my friends because I never thought that these issues regarding payment will occur with a company that is so legit.