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Job search workload

As I understand manual this request gives jobs with workload < 10h/per week;200&c2=Web%20Programming&t=Hourly&wl=0&fb=4.0-5.0&dp=01-09-2013&st=Open

But jobs hours_per_week and op_engagement tags in answer looks like not filtered at all. If I change to wl=20 filtering works right - Part Time: 10-30 hrs/week. Why so?

Here from man:
wl - hours_per_week(Hours per Week)

This parameter can only be used when searching Hourly jobs. These numbers are a little arbitrary, so follow the following parameters in order to successfully use this parameter:

As Needed < 10 Hours/Week = '0'
Part Time: 10-30 hrs/week = '20'
Full Time: 30+ hrs/week = '40'

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Hello Pavel, thank you for

Hello Pavel,

thank you for using oDesk API.
I confirm this weird and inconsistend behavior - it is a bug, we will do our best to release the fix asap.


Maksym, please chek also "dur" parameter. It seems like it have same problem.

Pavel,fixing 'dur' is still


fixing 'dur' is still in progres, 'wl' should already work - please try.

upd: fix is scheduling for next release 23/01.