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oDESK ending contract randomly

Why oDesk is ending my active contracts randomly. I have few contracts which is not active for almost a year and they are still active.

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how can they be active, if

how can they be active, if they are not active for almost a year? *tactical facepalm*

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He means to say that the

He means to say that the contract has not been closed by the client for over a year but there is no work related activity on it.

That's hardly "random," is it?

What is the problem??

If there has been no activity for almost a year then what IS the point of having that contract hanging there in limbo?

Your client will have been warned that the contract was about to be closed, and obviously was not to worried. Why would you be?

If the client wants to start over they can very easil hire you again. As is, it doesn't negatively affect you, does it? I assume there is no outstanding payment or anything?

This is exactly what i

This is exactly what i meant...thanks Sharique.

But Ramesh, I feel that

But Ramesh, I feel that having too many inactive contracts showing up on your profile might give a new client the impression that you're just too busy to take up any new work and so you might miss the contract. Just imagine, having 50 contracts showing up on your profile.

I'd agree with that

Ramesh, 17 contracts in progress will turn some clients off. Especially coupled with the fact that you have a full time job as well, AND a comment on your feedback where a Client states that you appear to have too much on.

Most clients will see the combination of those 3 factors (17 active contracts, a full time job and that feedback) as a warning bell which indicates to them that you won't be able to give them the attention and time their projects deserve.

If I were you I'd chop down the number of "seemingly active" contracts dramatically. It's great to be seen to be in demand, but 17 is totally excessive, it does not signal "in demand" under the circumstances.

Thank Petra...I did cut off

Thank Petra...I did cut off some contracts...i hope it will help.

Ramesh you want the feedback

If you have not done work with the client in a long time, don't you want the feedback? You can't get feedback until the contract is closed and yes, that looks bad with all of those open on your profile. Why are you worried about them being closed?

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I don't think the issue is oDesk closing contracts... much as which contracts they close.

I had to have a client reopen one contract twice as oDesk closed it for inactivity, while other contracts which I have not worked on in a very long time are still open.

It would have made sense if they started with the oldest contracts and those which had the longest period of inactivity, but they did not.


Odesk ending contracts

I just had the same issue. Have been working on an hourly job with a client and have gotten no payment. 2 weeks ago got a message that Odesk, not the client, ended the contract. Still no payment from the client and he isn't responding to emails....

Susan this is rather strange.

Susan this is rather strange. Hourly contracts are automatically billed (provided you used the time tracker to log the hours). How can the client have not paid if it has been over two weeks? You did log time didn't you?

I just saw your profile, and the contracts without feedback (I'm guessing it was one of these two) are fixed and not hourly.

If the client is not replying, you should report them to Customer Support. While there's no guarantee for fixed price jobs, oDesk does monitor non-paying clients or contractors that are reported for any violation/ abuse in future.

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Thanks Ayesha, The ones you

Thanks Ayesha,

The ones you saw were other jobs. And no, stupid me, did not log the hours. So it is totally all of my fault. I can accept that. I just found it odd it was ended by Odesk. Live and learn!

Thanks for replying!