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I am extremely disappointed in Odesk!

I have been a loyal member from Odesk since 2009. I have spent as employer over 30.000 US Dollar on Odesk and have been rewarded with a 4,99 contractor rating.

Unfortunately I have been forced by Odesk to stop using them.

The reason:

About two weeks ago, on the 1st of January 2013 there was a payment to one of our many contractors which I didn't recognized. I opened a ticket to Odesk (Incident: 1610643) to ask clarification about this transaction.

It didn't took long until I found out that oDesk sends the payment confirmations with a delay of 2 hours. This causes the confusion.

I contacted Odesk again about the misunderstanding, but instead of closing the ticket they suspended my financial account I have been using for 4 years now without any problems!!!

I have sent on daily base emails to Odesk to ask them to lift the suspension immediately, but no response!

Two weeks have past, and all this time I couldn't pay my contractors. My entire company has been paralyzed by Odesk. I have been forced to close all contracts.

This is the way that Odesk treats their long-term and loyal employee members! I am extremely disappointed in Odesk!


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I hope someone from oDesk reads this.

Absolutely shocking. That

Absolutely shocking. That could be any of us; any client losing their company or contractor not receiving payment for time that they've worked.

I had to stop hiring through

I had to stop hiring through here due to support issues as well.

Sometimes you need to give them a call and speak with someone directly.

Life ain't always fair.

Life ain't always fair.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.