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Moneybookers IBAN issue and how get IBAN from your bank

Yesterday I make a withdrawal to MB because I always using it to send my payment to Pakistani bank. But they have changed the security section. And they now ask for IBAN ( International Bank Account Number), After that I contact ABL(Allied BanK) and UB both answer me that Pakistan is not using any kind of IBAN, it is using in Europe.
I also search over net and got a like that says that Pakistan will issue IBAN number to all customer in December 2012, but as I said banks said what is this we don't know about this.

So making story short if you are making withdraw to Pakistan, Don't use MB until I or some one else reply to this thread that MB is no more asking for IBAN, because over net I also notice so other users that are facing problem like me and get stucked their pay in MB.

Please do reply to this thread if you withdraw successfully after Jan 16 using MB to your Pakistani bank. Because it will help all of use.

Thank you for your consideration!


Well at last we found a page that provide IBAN for all banks in Pakistan.
You can generate your IBAN at : Generate IBAN
Thank you buddy for sending me this link.

Below are some bank detials:
ABL Get your IBAN from : ABL IBAN generat
UBL You can get from bank statment as Waqas stated in reply
HBL is also possible but not yet know the method

All other bank are not currently unknown if I get any info will update this post


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I recieved my IBAN number

I recieved my IBAN number from HBL yesterday, it's like
PK12 HABB **** **** **** ****

Go to your bank branch and ask operation manager to give you you IBAN number

ABL and UBL customers suppoert says they even not know IBAN

Thank you Bro,
I am wondering that why UBL and ABL not have such facility.

Please let me know anyone using ABL or UBL have IBAN number. and I am also thinking to not using MB shitty service any more, I have MB help support service they reply you after 48 hours after submit a ticket they call it service Smile.

Did you get the withdraw from MB ?


When you withdraw through MB did you get the payment or not yet, please advise.


money withdrawl

can you please tell me did you withdraw money after providing them the IBAN? MB has some error and i have also got my money stuck there......dont know what to do


Wait for June to implement IBAN in Pakistan lolx

Well there is two option wait for June OR Create account in HBL,SCB or BAF
They have IBAN number, Also UBL recently give me a number and told me that it is IBAN but not working in MB may later they can assist me and provide correct one, As they provide I will confirm it here. May help others.

Thanks All,


My IBAN was correct. standard chartered is VERY GOOD for such transactions. MB had some internal error due to some system updates. i kept annoying them by calling again and again and finally they updated my IBAN manually. if anyone has money stuck on MB, i would recommend to do the same as their customer services are very slow and.........bad. i intend to transfer money directly from odesk now.


UBL IBAN code is

Got the procedure,

Goto your UBL branch, ash for an account statement. IBAN number is mentioned right below the cell no.

It will look like this: PK42UNIL0000000AAAAAAAAA (where A is account number).

Example of statment:

Thanks Waqas

Thank you very much waqas, It will really hlep too much people. Just want to ask one think is United bank provided online bank account statement, Because your provided images seams it is from web.
I am wondering if it is as easy as you mention that means you are hero bhaya Smile

I think I have figured out the IBAN Number some how it will be like this

PKAA UNIL 0260 0790 6*** **** ****

You will need to put your account number in "*", but more tricky part is AA value it is check sum of your IBAN number if some one solve it, it means. No one will not need to go to bank and ask for statement. Anyway now even it is possible, Thanks waqas again.


Your welcome Naveed, and no,

Your welcome Naveed, and no, a statment from online banking does not contain the IBAN (I tried). The reason you see my statement as if its from the web, is because its a PDF, I have a few friends in my branch, so rather than I going to the branch to get the statement, they emailed it to me Smile Hope you are able to find your complete IBAN asap now.

And your right, I was able to figure out the entire IBAN using the State Bank official howto except the checksum, the check digit is the trickiest part, and for that I had to get the bank involved.

Lads any idea about MCB?

Lads any idea about MCB?

If you have account in ABL you are luck :)

Well at last ABL win the race to provide IBAN number online without any extra effort and worry.

They make it very simple, just go to

and enter you account number and they will generate IBAN for you, it is exact format with MB request for you.

I wish All banks start this service.

Yes if you have account in UBL you can also find your IBAN in your bank statement as earlier in my and Waqas post.


My Funds are also stuck at

My Funds are also stuck at MB. MB also deducted $38.75 which they have never did before & still it shows my account as personal account not merchant as I thought this might be the case.

Regarding IBAN, when I contacted my bank (BAF) they said they didn't have IBAN. Did anybody knew about BAF's IBAN.


BAF is not friendly for freelancers bro

My one suggestion is please switch you bank from BAF because you can read hear very complaint about BAF because they are not friendly for freelancers.
Also do you contact to MB and ask why they deduct $38.75 for which reason they did this?

Thanks Naveed, personally I

Thanks Naveed, personally I didn't have faced any issues with BAF, I have been using their services from the last 10 months & I also receive very good conversion rates as well.

Regarding MB, yeah I have contacted them but I'm yet to hear any response from them, its been almost 4 days since I have filed complaint.


Allied Bank user's are very lucky! They Can Get IBAN Number Online. I'm using UBL, and i have activated UBL Net banking but UBL Did'nt show IBAN in Online Statements. All UBL Users should go to Branch to get the IBAN.

Question for Waqas
Did you receive the money in UBL after using your IBAN? Reply Plz it will help UBL user's.


Best Bank

Dear All,

I want to transfer fund from moneybookers to my bank account. Please tell me which is best bank having IBAN and does not deduct charges against inward remittance.

I was using Meezan Bank. They did not deduct any charges. Same amount i received after deducting moneybookers fees. Currently Meezan Bank does not have IBAN so i want to open account with any bank.

Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

go ahead for ABL

Bro go for ABL they are not deducting any kind of charges. Even they will not deduct monthly charges from you account from you account if you create salary account. Best of luck.

Caculate IBAN number by urself

Bro if you are having problem in getting IBAN number you can calculate it by your own Here you can find the method to calculate IBAN number
Hope this will help you all Smile

I use Bank Alhabib for my

I use Bank Alhabib for my transactions from MB.

You can get your IBAN on your bank statement for last month as well.

MB asks it for one time only.

HiI just make my iban by my

I just make my iban by my own because iban number given by ubl was not working in MB. It's not swift+branch+acc num don't waste time on it. you can send me a mail **
Have a great day.

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