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Ode to Petra

It had to happen.

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That is hilarious

I particularly adore "sauce unknown."

Thanks for that, Kirsten. I cheerfully admit to an ability to butcher innocent words (with or without the help of my iPad) in 4 languages.

When someone says, "I'll

When someone says, "I'll never live this down," you have to make their prediction true at least once.

Go right ahead !

Kirsten Holmes wrote:
When someone says, "I'll never live this down," you have to make their prediction true at least once.

I've dropped some real clangers.... mostly due to not proofreading before pressing "post" - despite the very handy "Preview" part of the process.

Generally the worse the mess, the quicker someone replies and stops me from editing.

In my defense: I never quite sink as low as playing the "I'm not a native English speaker" card.

I CAN spell, I CAN put words together in a reasonably coherent format. I'm just sloppy / lazy / inattentive at times. I mix British English and American English, and the iPad does strange things to words. And once or twice the cat really DID walk across the keyboard Laughing out loud

On a daily basis I juggle English (both versions) and Scottish (NOT the same thing) and German (translating) and Italian (talking to my boyfriend or future landlord or my Italian contractor) Laughing out loud

I would never mock your

I would never mock your language skills if I didn't think they were well above par. That would just be mean. Smile

You're entitled to

I don't mind people mocking my English skills provided their own are better Wink I don't take too kindly to it when the illiterate m*rons try to have a stab at it Wink

Quote:People who think they

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.

Isaac Asimov

Oh Petra

Maybe not as a translator, but I am sure there are a lot of people here that are very happy there are people like me in the world who butcher the English language even though it is the only one I speak. (like that horrible sentence)
It keeps the writers in work Tongue I have to hire a writer to write things for me, otherwise yeah.... Math/Science I got you, English...I would rather pay good money for a quality writer.

Oh Junelle

Junelle A. wrote:
i always knew your charm would win in the end. :P

You owe me a new keyboard Laughing out loud