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Super excited!

Wow I got let back into university after a long leave of absence to finish one of my degrees. Looks like I got most if not all of my academic credit from the previous course credited to the new one. I start on the 25th of February. It was a welcome email in my inbox today.

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Congrats :)


You're going to be very busy, working and studying at the same time.

Fabulous news! Well done


Natasha forgot "PARTY" - no good just working and studying! You've got to PLAY as well.

How long will it take you to complete it? (Or is that a "How long is a piece of string" type of question?)

It depends on how many

It depends on how many subjects I take each semester. Each subject costs $1050 so its pretty expensive. There's a 10% discount if you pay upfront which I intend to do. I am enrolled in 2 IT subjects in semester 1 2013.

It's the Bachelor of IT degree that I am going to complete and I was previously doing E-Commerce as the major but that is no longer offered so I have chosen software engineering this time. The course is 24 subjects and I am waiting on clarification on whether I have 12 or 16 subjects credit already. All the subject codes have changed. I did have 16 subjects completed when I left there many years ago.

Ouch. Expensive! But it's an investment in yourself!

So if you had to do another 12 (let's hope it's only 8... ) you could theoretically be "done" in 6 semesters @ 2 subject credits? Or would that be too ambitious?

In an ideal world I could go

In an ideal world I could go back full time and have it finished in a year. I am going to be a mature age student for the first time.

It would be almost impossible to work and study full time and I wouldn't be eligible for government assistance if I was full time student.

If I lose my current job and am only studying part time I would be eligible for welfare payments until I get another job. It's a payment to supposedly be looking for work full time. In Australia everyone gets welfare if they don't have a job, there are some conditions on this, but mostly you can collect it forever if you don't have need of a greater income. Only welfare is the equivalent of living on the poverty line. It's cause of the mining boom we have so much money here

Lately I have been seeing some of the higher paid local jobs require a degree plus many years experience. Higher paid as in easily 6 figures plus.

Also most decently paid IT jobs require you to work full time, its difficult to find one that would fit in around uni. My job at the moment is only part time but they are wanting me to work more hours so I am going to have trouble fitting in 2 subjects as it is. At the moment I am working 100% of the time from home, but they want me to start coming in to the office again, just makes it easier for them.

I am only going back to UNI so I can get a better higher paid job. Plus I told my parents and they seemed happy that I was planning on finishing something considering I started 3 degrees.

I think it'll be a worthwhile investment!

If you can juggle your part time job / freelancing and uni & stick it for 3 (give or take) years I really think it'll be more than worthwhile!

You've already got practical experience, and generally employers value people who invested in their education later on (it shows grit and determination and other "attractive" qualities) so you'll be laughing when you're done. You'll have a real advantage over both new grads and people who have the same degree and a comparable work history, but a more traditional route through education.

I do think, however, that your parents might disown you if you drop out (again) LOL Laughing out loud

Actually i think you might be

Actually i think you might be right, when I told them they seemed a bit disbelieving, they asked me whether I was actually going to go to classes. They think i will change my mind in a couple of weeks time and not go through with it, especially when it comes time to pay the fees. A friend of mine thinks it's an awesome idea he has always been saying over the last year that I should go back and finish my courses. He doesn't have a degree, he left school early and is finding it difficult to get a job with any level of responsibility.


John Bampton wrote:
They think i will change my mind in a couple of weeks time and not go through with it, especially when it comes time to pay the fees.

Use that!!!

Many years ago, when I left Germany on a train bound for Britain, with 75 Deutschmark and a suitcase, my mother declared that I'd be back within 3 months because I couldn't do it.

I had no money (other than the 75 Deutschmark,) didn't know anybody, didn't speak the language that well, and obviously had no job either. It was plain crazy. In those first few weeks I probably WOULD have given up and gone home, but there was NO WAY I'd let my mother say "See, told you so!?" and stuck it out.

I don't know you, obviously, but you seem to have grit and determination when you feel like it. You know you *can* do it if you want to. It's all a matter of motivation! If "I'll show them" motivates you, USE IT!!!!

I found that freelancing improved all the qualities that you'd need to make this work. It did for me, anyway! So no matter how many degrees you may have started in the past - this is now and you've probably come a long way and grown in many ways since then.

A friend of mine thinks it's an awesome idea he has always been saying over the last year that I should go back and finish my courses.

I agree with your friend.

Edited to add: If the above sounds like a lecture I apologize, it's not meant that way at all!

Quote: I started 3 degrees.

Third time's the charm Smile

Do it!I regret not following

Do it!

I regret not following through.

Only thing I have to say is don't let your dreams slip away.

Re-John's news

That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you. If I could afford to do another degree I would. As it is I just go along with studying the UK Open University but don't take the exams. Best of luck to you--enjoy!