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Please Help For My Odesk ID

Hi Everyone,
I'm Zulfiker Alom From Kushtia in Bangladesh .I'm new Odesk worker Few days ago for get one job unfortunately i was involve in *** agency. Now i want to release this ID.How i can ? If i can't release this have any problem for withdraw my payment.

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Have discussion with the

Have discussion with the agency manager. If still have problem, ask for customer support in odesk.



In order to leave an agency

In order to leave an agency you have to talk to your staffing manager. Ask them to let you go and pay you if you have done work under the agency and haven't received any payment. If they refuse or cause any trouble then contact Customer Support so that they will contact your staffing manager on your behalf.

As it is, if you are an Exclusive agency member, all your payments will go to the agency's account. IF you are non-exclusive, then the contracts you got through the agency will be paid back to the agency's account, and it is up to the staffing manager to pay you for that work.

Since you are new, kindly read the following link for helpful info as to how the system works:

Contractor Learning Center

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