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You know how usually, when you click on a poster's name, it get you either to their profile, or to the page that states that the contractor's profile is set to private? (And occasionally to their posting history, I've never quite figured out how I did that when it happened.)

I just clicked on a name and got the "You are not authorized to access this page" screen.

It happened once before and that person was never seen on the forum again.... All other names I clicked on (to check) including my own behaved in exactly the way I expected: It either got me to their profile or the "set to private" page.

Anyone know? The name still shows as blue, so not someone who has deleted their account (they show as non-clickable / black.)

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Could be a spy?

Could be a spy?


It means the person got banned from the forum.


Well, well, well ....... Oups

Thanks for that.... I thought that's what it might mean and I am not surprised.

Yeah Mahesh got banned...

Yeah Mahesh got banned...

I'll miss that guy, he was a

I'll miss that guy, he was a wildcard for sure


I don't. 3000+ posts without any real content. Racist, sexist, offensive, dishonest, manipulative, creepy as hell and thick as two short planks..... There is nothing droll about a common troll.


Junelle A. wrote:
there have been other community members who've gone missing far longer than he has, and they haven't been as bad as him. take Anna P. for instance.

I was wonder what was so bad, she never got a second chance Sad

It's entirely possible that

It's entirely possible that she was angry after the ban and just decided not to return even after it expired.

/// Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it's the courage to continue that counts.

Yeah, she

Yeah, she decided not to come back. She can still be contacted via Twitter, for those who are interested.


John Bampton wrote:
Yeah Mahesh got banned...

About frigging time!

I would have that that post showing things nobody wanted to see would have done it long before now.