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Major relief!

So happy and relieved. I had this big contract $1100 where I hadn't heard from the client for about 6 weeks, the job was finished so I ended the contract hoping the client would reappear and leave feedback. I had to send a couple of messages and thankfully a week later the client turns up and leaves me a 5.0 score. He always said I was doing a good job so I was hoping for 5.0 but some clients just don't give out perfect feedback no matter what you do.

My overall score hasn't updated yet (profile lag), but I was worried as my feedback score is close to 4.5 and I didn't want it to drop below 4.5 as that is one of the main search criteria for finding top contractors. Win Win Win Ye ha!!!!

Also decided to up my advertised profile rate to stop low balling clients from contacting me. I am going to take over this place one job at a time! Who is going to join me?

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That's fabulous, John!

So glad your client came out of hibernation and left you the feedback you deserved! It is a good value contract and will go some way to mitigate the impact of the feedback that ...... (fill in the blanks) client left you.

Be careful though, you don't want to slip too close to the 5.00 - remember, that makes contractors look decidedly dodgy Wink

I very much doubt the lowballing clients even LOOK at your profile rate. They just send out invites hoping to catch someone who is having a desperate day. I constantly get asked to do tedious 10 000 word translations from some twit or the hoping to get their auntie's memoires / 47 page contract / insurance terms and conditions / other meaningless assortment of words translated for next to nothing. They don't seem to LOOK at the profile at all.

I am going to take over this place one job at a time! Who is going to join me?

I'll watch you do it, then copy whatever it was you did. Go right ahead!

Good for you:)

Excellent feedback comment! John, you seem to be very happy lately Smile

Already did it (to a point).

Already did it (to a point). My current rate is above the mass idea for "max rate I'm willing to pay for a designer" (the number of invitations drops significantly with rate above $25). Oddly, I still get the occasional "make me a logo for $15" invitation...

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