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Hey all,

I'm wondering about something I just ran into. Someone is seeking a ghostwriter and wants samples and a portfolio of something a writer has ghostwritten.

By definition, ghostwriting means you don't talk about the projects you've ghostwritten.

I've ghostwritten four books so far and I'm about to finish a fifth, and in each case I've been asked to sign nondisclosure and other agreements to assure the client that I won't go blabbing that I wrote something they're going to market as theirs.

I'm pretty ethical about protecting their privacy since I said I would, but have I shortchanged myself? How can I use my ghostwriting experiences to market my talents in that arena?

Thanks so much in advance for your consideration.


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Send something else

Couldn't you just send them a sample of something else that you've written? I assume that they just want to see your writing style so just send them something else you've written which will highlight your writing ability. If you don't have anything, then write something up that you can use for samples.

I would also explain that you cannot give them samples of your ghostwriting because you are ethical and agreed not to let people know. This may even help get you the job since they know you can be trusted.