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Cover Letter "no-nos"

Hello all-

I was given my first "ticket" here oDesk, citing I needed to familiarize myself with policies regarding cover letters. Seems I violated a rule. Problem was, I wasn't told which part I violated. Looking over the cover letter that was attached in oDesks message, the only part I could see as being problematic was that I provided links to my online portfolios (I'm a graphic designer). Is this a "no-no"? I did not provide an email, phone number nor an instant message user name in said cover letter. Help would be appreciated, as I don't mean to tempt the oDesk "gods". Thank you!

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I do the same.

I provide links to my by-lined online articles all the time, so I'm not sure what the problem is...or even how oDesk found out you made a mistake.

The only thing I can think is that if you used the Coroflot link in your profile, that something in there led them to believe you had a contact email or phone number on that link. Even if you didn't use that, if there was any kind of contact information on your samples, you will get dinged.

I am curious though as to how they found out. Sounds like you got snitched on, but by whom, is a whole other dilemma.

The client

The client can report a violation of an applicant. I get email addresses and skype IDs and all sorts of stuff like that when I post a job. It is absolutely amazing how many contractors either do not care about or do not read the rules here.

Not really,...

Margaret P. wrote:
It is absolutely amazing how many contractors either do not care about or do not read the rules here.

...when you consider how many of them then come onto these Fora bleating to the world that they don't know how to work the site, they've been scammed by an obvious con artist, or they're violating the TOS of the site without even realizing it. Happens all the time.

What Cate stated.You can

What Cate stated.

You can have a link to your site or somein as long as there is no contact, sign up page, and the like.

The exception is, if that link is back to your oDesk Profile.
Which is what I had on mine.

Asked oDesk about this last year when I brought my site online.