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Odesk Team Room Update - Feedback on Memo changes

Just got the update for the oDesk Team Room. The first thing I notice is that the memo now displays time by the hour, x hours of x hours limit remaining, this is totally useless now!

I used to use the memo to keep track of time I work on sets of tasks. Any task does not have a specific time frame, or does not go by the hour (as the memo now updates only by the hour), so if I wanted to work like 1:20/1:40 min on a task I now need to goto, log-in to my diary, and see the time, previously I used to be able to do it with just two key presses.

Would like to request OTR developers to please look into the usability of the new memo.

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Reverted to old version

Thanks for the tip about reverting to the previous version of oDesk Team. I felt an immediate sense of relief after doing this.

Same thing here

I need to know how much time was left for me to work on certain tasks and this time I can't be able to do it by just checking on the time logged.

For example if I have a 10 hour work limit and I'm nearing it already I need to manage my time to be able to finish all emails/tasks on time. Seeing a 1:00 hour left remaining of your 10 hours limit does not help me at all to manage my time.

You are being too logical Junelle.

You are being too logical Junelle.