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odesk does not work properly with firefox 18.0.1

just found out that with firefox 18.0.1 i can not access the notification button, the settings and the help/community button...

fyi Wink

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works fine for me

works fine for me

works fine for me, too

John Bampton wrote:
works fine for me

me too Smile

Fine for me

Your firefox is jacked up Smile

Clear some cache and stuff

Hi, Gerald,
When features don't work on a browser page it is often because the cache or history is just too full. Try clearing the cache and the browser history and see if that doesn't get things clickable again.

With firefox, there are a number of plugins and settings that can also affect the usability of a specific site. These are user preferences (even if you never really chose them). I don't know how techie you are, but you might want to take a look at those and see if there are setting options that may be causing the problems. My virus protection updated recently, and I clicked yes to an option for browser protection or something. It overrode some of my favorite browsing features and had to be tamed at once.

Anyways, if you did just update and are now seeing the problems, try backing out of the program all the way to a complete computer restart if necessary.

In other words, I concur with the others. Firefox is working as expected.

Gerald have you tried

Gerald have you tried clearing your cache? Usually, it helps. Since other users don't seem to have any issues, try this. If you still can't access the buttons, then kindly contact Customer Support to report the problem.

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