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Please, can you offer the test results on papers ( as certification ) ? , with thanks :)

In my opinion and I am sure

In my opinion and I am sure other here will agree, is that the tests only show a basic level of skill. The tests are also easily gamed. Do the test enough times and you will know all the questions eventually you will get a high score. Also I am sure a lot of people just google the answers, especially people taking a long time to do the tests. When I see people taking around 40 minutes plus to do a test that is an indicator of a fraud.


These tests are a joke, I took a few of them and quit taking them. They are pointless and when someone puts that question I state "The tests are a joke have you tried one". Certifications are much harder to earn, no they should not be on cert papers. (Unless you are dell certified, that is the biggest joke of a paper cert I have, all 10 areas of Dell DST)

No Charles, the ones that are

No Charles, the ones that are faking the tests are the ones that finish it in 5 mins, with 100% score.

Whoa there

John Bampton wrote:
When I see people taking around 40 minutes plus to do a test that is an indicator of a fraud.

Those are some pretty hefty accusations. Dang. Some of us just like to relax and take our time on such things instead of rushing through it carelessly. Long test times equates to fraud??? That is completely counter to the way I was taught to take a test.

And wouldn't you think that fast test times are more likely to indicate fraud? It does not take much time to cheat the way you are describing, after all.

ETA: Oh, and in response to OP, print up the results page. There. You now have it on paper. I do not think that oDesk has even presumed to suggest that these tests are worthy of what you seem to be asking for.

E again TA: I forgot to make mention of the "plus" in your accusation. You are right on that. As the tests only allow for a maximum of 40 min (to my knowledge, although, I suspect it may be different in other fields), 40 plus min. would be fraud. Of course, this overage is not what you are talking about, though.

Taking the full 40 minutes could be fraud but

could also be all sorts of other things - e.g. the test is particularly difficult for that person (for example, a dyslexic person taking the spelling test is probably going to take longer than most), the test itself takes *everybody* a while (I think this might be the case for some of the programming tests), the taker got interrupted or is using a slow connection. Anyway, I agree they aren't that much use in determining somebody's actual skills.