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Contractor Logging Time for Surfing Facebbook

Hi All

I have a Graphic Designer working for me at the moment that does the occasional job for me. He's good and works at a reasonable rate. I hired him for a small hourly contract on Tuesday and he's logged about 4 hours for it. I checked the work diary yesterday and he was online and logging time to my account while surfing Facebook!

I sent him emails and messages to stop the ODesk clock on my account, to remove the time and also to send me my files (I approved the project yesterday but he still hasn't uploaded the final artwork). I had no response last night and I've had no response today.

If we go past Sunday (week end for ODesk) can he still remove the hours he's Facebook'd away on my account? Or will he definitely be paid it after that point?

I'm torn between not wanting to upset a potentially useful contractor and feeling annoyed and wanting to leave negative feedback.

Advice appreciated.


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Do all the screenshots show Facebook or just one?

I'm just asking because I know a few times when I've been working "on the clock" the screenshot has taken a picture of my music player as I'm changing music and once it even took a screenshot as I quickly pulled up a site to check the score of the baseball game. These only that take ten seconds or so and it's not really worth the hassle of turning off the clock to do it. Plus, those screenshots were stuck in the middle of ten more that showed I was working.

You might also want to check to make sure that he just didn't leave the tracker on by mistake. You should also take into account that it's the weekend and maybe he's doing something.

If he doesn't remove the time you still have the option to dispute the time he logged and you can use the facebook screenshots to show he wasn't working. If he's cheating then I definitely wouldn't worry about offending him and just look for another contractor.

Hi David Thanks for your

Hi David

Thanks for your input. He finished the job at about 11am, logged out of ODesk and emailed me. I approved the design so the contract was effectively over.

He then logged back in about 3 hours later and spent an hour and 10 minutes only on Facebook logging the time to my account (6 screenshots, back to back).

Well, then

Well, if that's the case then the contractor should definitely dump the time.

Of course, it could still be a case of accidently logging the time but if you ask him about it, he should remove the time.

You need to dispute the time before Thursday if the contractor doesn't delete the time.

Personally, if he doesn't voluntarily delete the time, I think he deserves bad feedback and you should look for another contractor.

How do you know he logged out

How can you be sure he logged out of oDesk?

A possible explanation could be that he finished up the work, emailed you, forgot to press stop then just left his computer as he'd finished his work. The time tracker would have then effectively gone into freeze as there was no activity. Then he could have come back to his computer later to use facebook unknowing that the tracker was still running, the time tracker will automatically start again when someone starts using the mouse or keyboard. Then afterwards maybe he just shut down this whole computer turning everything off? Also, he could well have gone out Saturday night and still be reeling? A lot of folk are, though it's poor form if you're waiting for the file.

It would be a bit odd that he never noticed the sceenshots popping up for over an hour though? However, it does seem a bit outlandish that someone would just start surfing facebook for an hour after having a project approved and risk getting bad feedback?

If he's a potentially usefull contractor like you say I would definitely talk this over with him, plus you can dispute the time he'd booked. It's definitely a pain but all i'm saying is that it could be unknowing.

Please begin by limiting the

Please begin by limiting the hours to zero so at least he won't be able to log more hours to you next week. Then you need to file a dispute for the extra hours. By doing that you effectively stop the contractor from billing you any more hours.

Then send him an email to delete all the extra time. If he agrees and deletes the hours, fine, otherwise the oDesk will look into the dispute.

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