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Odesk Profile Hover Feature modification.

Hi, can you have your website developers modify that hovering profile pic + name + info when we scroll down on our profile page. Either place a remove function or remove it. Some finds the feature cute, but could be better by just having those options above. Thanks.

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This option is more than just

This option is more than just "cute", it's a user experience feature. You call yourself a web project manager, then I'd hope that you appreciate a good conversion tactic when you see one.

If a client is comparing several profiles side-by-side then once they begin scrolling down the page they have no knowledge of who each tab (or window) belongs too. This hover feature keeps the contractor in plain site, with hourly rate readily available to help with the decision making process.

I'm no fan of the way that oDesk does their web programming but this is one of the few features they've done properly. At least, in my opinion...