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Do you track time communicating with clients?

Do you track time talking to clients for a long period of time?

Edit: Posted this in the middle of the night after a long day, so brain's f'ed up and not working properly. Updated.

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Drop your self-assessed level

Drop your self-assessed level of English from 4/5 down to about 2-3/5.

If I've deciphered your question properly, you're asking whether or not contractors normally record their time of correspondence as paid time? If so, then the answer will always be "it depends".

Even I, as a consultant, do not always record the time I spend sending messages, emails or even Skype conversations as paid time. It depends on the nature and length of the transaction whether or not it's worth starting the clock.

Charging for every minute spent between yourself and your client is dangerous if the client isn't aware of this from the start. Of course, this is arguably more of a customer service issue rather than an ethical one.


Robert Seal wrote:
Drop your self-assessed level of English from 4/5 down to about 2-3/5.
my lips are sealed (tehee) Smile

@OP: Like Robert wrote, 'it depends' -- you have to ask your client if you think it's only fair that you should bill time spent on Skype, emails, etc.

and cross your fingers...