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Need Help With Payoneer Debit Master Card

Hello everyone,

I think time has come for me to post about this Payoneer Debit Master card!

Well, i applied for a card on 21st January, 2013. And after that on the same day Payoneer Customer Support Department sent me an email stating that they need my account snap, whom with i work, how do i get payment. I believe i answered every following questions and also sent them their requested snap shots as fast as i can (on 21st Jan, 2013).

On the 23rd January, 2013 i got an email from Payoneer Customer Support Department saying that, they sent all of my documents along with snap shots to Account Approval Department.

And that's it!!! I have been waiting for around 5 days and there is no reply. I can still login to my account and seeing that my card has not been approved yet! What a heart breaking situation for me! Sad I want this to verify my payment and outsource for my own need. Yes, everyone needs a master card these days, so am i!

I have tried their(From Payoneers Website) Online chat and i find it "Live Chat Offline" every time. With none of the hope left, i think may be someone here in oDesk might help me with this issue.

Please anyone here help me or give me any suggestion what to do except waiting.

By the way, my Reference number: LTK12129070905194X

Does anyone waited for this long? I heard that it takes usually 2 or 3 days to approve a card.

Why they(Payoneer) are making this delay, if there are plenty of applications for the card why they don't expand their team?

Why their live chat is disabled all the time?

I am glad that i have moneybookers and wire transfer. Otherwise i could be in horrible situation.

Happy working everyone!

Kind Regards,
Rizvi Raihan

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Give it some time

It has only been a week. These things take time and you need to be a little more patient! I have had my Payoneer card for a couple of years now, and it then it took a lot longer than a week to get processed. I don't think a week is long enough to be "heartbroken"

I also think it's at best unwise to put a financial reference number out on a public website!

Just got approved (Payoneer Master Card)

Hi Petra,

I just got my Payoneer Debit Master Card approved within 4 hours after i post this same thing of Payoneer Official Facebook fan page. Smile They said i am going to have it on the 1st week of March.

And thanks for your advise, i would not share any confidential info on public website.


Getting "approved" is usually

Getting "approved" is usually quick, but I waited for 30 days to get my card. I had money stolen from my Payoneer account via fraud (bank's data lines were hacked into and not via skimming) and I have now waited 3 months and have still not received my money back from Payoneer. Be sure to check your account frequently because Payoneer will approve ATM transactions outside of your home country in a heartbeat even if you live in one country and the transaction is on the other side of the world. My money was taken out of a ATM in the Ukraine and I currently live in Thailand. I was the one that caught the multiple fraudulent transactions and not Payoneer. I am not a big fan.

Could you shed some light

I'm considering options for odesk withdrawal and would appreciate your opinions on this.

According to their website, payoneer will charge up to 3% for currency exchange if transactions are made in different currency than USD. Meanwhile paypal charge flat 2.5% rate for currency exchange. So notwithstanding default transaction fees, is there any other purpose for a payoneer card besides making transaction in US.dollar ?

Another thing that you need

Another thing that you need to consider is that your local bank is going to hammer you on the exchange rate when you use the ATM machine in your country. In addition, there will be an ATM charge as well, which is $5.00 here where I live. Finally, if you want the money "loaded" to your card immediately, Payoneer is going to charge you $2.50 or it will take up to a couple of days for the money to show up in your account.

At the end of the pay, while a Payoneer card is convenient, it is an expensive way to get your money. You will be somewhat shocked by all of the fees.

Thanks for this info

Hi David,

I have been reading your replies. If it is all true then, yes, i am a little bit afraid to use that card more often. Glad, i have other options than Payoneer card. The thing is i want to shop a little bit from some legit secured website. This is the main reason for applying for this card. I will try by uploading a small fund at first. I am expecting my card with 2 weeks as i got approved 2 weeks ago (takes usually 4 weeks* to get it).

Again, David, thanks for your information.


Update I have still not


I have still not gotten my money back and absolutely no communication at all from Payoneer.

Please contact me at

Please contact me at [email protected]

Nissim A.
Head of Community at Payoneer


Nissam, you contacted the charge back department on my behalf a few weeks ago, which I appreciate, but it you were unable to get things moving. In addition, I never heard back from Payoneer, after you sent the charge back department a n email. Absolutely no communication. I spoke with a gut at Payoneer on live chat yesterday and the guy was rude and said it is going to take up to another two weeks to resolve and to be patient. Well I have run out of patience as yesterday was exactly three months since my money was stolen and it was reported to Payoneer. The guy on the live chat said that it was my fault that my money was stolen since I did not protect my information. He also said that Payoneer does not have the capability to monitor where cards are used or pick up on suspicious transactions.

Well that is not the case as I only use one ATM machine near where I live and the the bank had their machines and data lines hacked (the bank went as far as to change out all of their ATM machines at this location). Anyway the thieves obtained the data and created a duplicate card and withdrew the money in the Ukraine in several transactions, which Payioneer never picked up on (money was withdrawn in the Ukraine and then I tried to withdraw money in Thailand an hour later. Any real bank would have picked up on this immediately) . Payoneer should never have approved transactions from any other country than the one that my card was sent to. By the way, the information was not obtained by a phishing attempt on my computer and the card was not skimmed. If someone gets your card number and your four digit pin, they are good to go and can drain your account anywhere in the world. Not a very secure system that Payoneer has going.

Once I notified Payoneer of the fraud, which they never picked up on, they went me forms to fill out. They were immediately returned. I followed up with them on the status of the claim a week later and was told that the forms needed to be redone, which I immediately did and resubmitted. My case sat on someone's desk for another week before it was processed. What pisses me off is Payoneer's attitude and lack of urgency. I picked up on the fraud, I had to contact them, I had to follow up on the satus of my case, I had to follow up again and again and again. Where is Payoneer's customer service? They could care less about my case. As far as my money is concerned, I doubt that I will ever get it back.

Please send me another

Please send me another e-mail, I'd like to follow up with this issue (I apologize for not being able to connect the name to e-mail, I get many e-mails).

Nissim A.
Head of Community at Payoneer

Hi Rizvi, I see your account

Hi Rizvi,

I see your account has since been approved, and card is being shipped. Thanks for visiting our Facebook page!

If you have any questions about Payoneer, including our pricing and fees, please let me know.

Nissim A.
Head of Community at Payoneer