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From Philippines to Singapore, How to withdraw earnings?

Hi! Does anybody experienced this? Moving from one country to another? I have been offered a job in Singapore. But I would like to continue working via oDesk. How am I going to withdraw my earnings when I will be in Singapore? I noticed LFT is not available in Singapore. Please help. Thank you.


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You can consider the Payoneer

You can consider the Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard card as a payment method, which is available in Singapore. It allows you to receive payments within minutes, and access your funds online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide where MasterCard is accepted.

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I travel

I travel extensively, and I still do my work in oDesk. Get an international debit card (like BPI and Metrobank; I don't recommend BDO) then withdraw to your bank using LFT. You can then withdraw your money in SG, or anywhere else for that matter. I've used my Metrobank ATM card (which is what I use for LFT) in Europe and everywhere in Asia.

inquiry please help

hello there... i just signed up in odesk... still got a long way to familiarize myself in this system... really appreciate if you could help me with some... i still don't know how contractors get paid... What is LFT??? By ignorance of how things work... i, by mistake, signed up as a client...saw an option to be a freelance contractor and clicked it.. is there a way to edit my account as 'just a contractor'???

Thanks in advance

Laarni, please use the links

Laarni, please use the links below to familiarize yourself with the system:

Payments on contracts depend on the type of contract. Fixed priced jobs are paid by the clients manually, as they see fit. Hourly contracts are automatically billed.
More info in the links below:

Weekly Pay Schedule

Contactor Manual

Contractor Learning Center

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