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feedback when ending contract

I am confused about how to leave feedback when I read the documentation. It lists 12 items, but says if I send scores I must send "all five scores". I'm familiar with leaving feedback via the GUI and the five scores there. But I am quite confused by these 12 items. Are there five that I should use?

Estimate, could be an array of scores, where id is reference to score description. The feedback scores are optional, but if present they must be complete: all five scores.
Possible values are:
1 - "Quality / quality of work deliverables"
2 - "Communication / communication skills, frequent progress updates, responsiveness"
3 - "Cooperation / cooperation and flexibility, suggestions for improvement"
4 - "Skills / competency and skills for the job, understanding of task complexities"
5 - "Quality / quality of specifications/instructions"
6 - "Cooperation / cooperation and flexibility, open to suggestions for improvement"
7 - "Availability / online presence on a consistent schedule"
8 - "Skills / competency and skills for the job, understanding of specifications/instructions"
9 - "Availability / online presence on a consistent schedule"
10 - "Communication / communication skills and responsiveness, feedback and guidance"
11 - "Deadlines / ability to complete tasks on time"
12 - "Deadlines / understanding of complexities and trade-offs"

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Rachel, unfortunately, there


unfortunately, there is no way to post scores as of now, the fb_scores parameter does not work as expected.
It is a known issue and we are on a way to fix it soon. (planned - 6/2)