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It’s official! The new site is 100% launched and live.

After months of testing, tons of feedback, and lots of changes, we are proud to announce that oDesk’s new site is up and running for all oDeskers.

We want to thank all users who provided the feedback and suggestions that made this launch a success. The result is an updated design that’s easier to read, navigate, and use. Maybe that’s why a full 70% of users now say they prefer the new site to the old.

But some of the biggest changes are the ones you can’t see! Under the surface there’s a major code overhaul, making the site quicker and more consistent. Even better, we can introduce new functionality and fix problems fast.

This code upgrade has made it possible to quickly roll out these new features we hope you’ve had a chance to use:

  • 1. My Contractors page: track your team faster and easier than ever

  • 2. Message Center enhancements: quickly connect with contractors past and present

And launching next month: Advanced Search and Job Feeds to help pinpoint the contractors and jobs you want.

Thanks again for your valuable input. We hope the new site makes it easier than ever to love the way you work!

Happy working,
The oDesk Crew

Vote Result

Score: 3.9, Votes: 20
Old site is better

We need the old site back.

need to back odesk older site

Shenan Wijetilake wrote:
We need the old site back.

i also need odesk older site back how can i do that?

oDesk new site

oDesk new site design is worst although is it functions well.Old site was very much attractive.

what happened..let's make back to green?

Please bring back color GREEN in ODESK site!!!

We need the old site

We need the old site back.


What a mess :(

This new design looks so unprofessional, I hate the new look Sad

At least bring back the green and please do something to improve the profiles, they really should be outlined. I have also noticed the above average test don't have a badge, you gave an orange one for the below average.

oDesk can done it again...

oDesk has done it again... their so-called improvement took things 5 years behind or I think they got impressed by Microsoft's Windows 8 blue theme!

I don't see much changes

I don't see much changes except some color changes and a few buttons moved. It all looks the same to me or am I missing something?