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Newbie having problems paying contractors


This is my first post and I'm trying to learn the ropes on odesk and it is a little difficult for me or I'm having brain freeze sitting by the computer. My problem is I am not sure how to contract and pay.

I posted an ad to pay $30 for a small service and decided to go with one guy but now I don't see the button that says contract person. I thought I saw something like it before.

I sent $30 from my paypal to odesk and it said won't be verified till jan 31 i believe. Perhaps it is something with the global slowdown paypal is posting today.

Also, I interviewed another guy on skype and want to pay him by hour and I'm having the same problem. I know it is posted on help but i guess i need a little more help on this matter.

thank you in advance

P.S i'm sure i will learn the ropes as i go but this is information needed today.

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Hi there, you can click the

Hi there, you can click the "Contact" button present on contractor profile to get in touch with them. If you haven't already, please post a job and then invite that person to bid. If you two agree, press the Hire button. The hiring process is technically the same in both cases, only payment process and details differ.

For a fixed price job, you talk to the contractor and decide the terms. The payments have to be made manually (You go to the active contract and make a milestone or other payment as necessary).

For hourly jobs, again post the job, invite the contractor you have chosen or let others apply, then talk it over, the maximum number of hours per week you want to allow for the work and the hourly rate. Again press the Hire button. After that the billing process is automated. The contractor logs time to the work diary, the work week ends on Sunday midnight, UTC. Then your review period starts and afterwards your primary payment method is charged.

Please use the links below to read the exact details on what I have summarized above.

How do I pay for my team?

Weekly Pay Schedule

If you still require assistance kindly contact Customer Support

Hope this helps!

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