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Best way for withdraw money in Bangladesh.

I think my post will especially help for new Bangladeshi contractors.There are many new contractors do not know how they can withdraw money from Odesk.I think, the best way to withdraw money by skrill account.Just sing up in skrill and add skrill account in odesk.After you must need a Dutch Bangla bank account.Send money frist odesk to skrill and then send to Dutch Bangla account from skrill.Then you will get money within 3-5 days. Thanks All.

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Dear Brother,

I appreciate your try but you have not made your speech clear. Your post have some lack of information.

If Someone open a Skrill account he has to verify it then he can withdraw desired amount of money.

You mentioned about only Dutch Bangla bank but you should know that other bank account also can be used to withdraw money. Thank you.

Minimum Withdraw Rate

Brother I specially want to know how can I withdraw my first withdraw?
And What is the minimum rate of $ that I want to withdraw.
I have a little beat of money on my balance....may be $39...can I withdraw it easily?
How many cost about this withdraw..Can I use Brac Bank?

how can i register in Skrill account

Dear Brother,
what is the skrill account. I have already add the payment method for wire transfer.
What is the minimum amount i can withdraw by wire transfer?
I have applied for Pay owner card but yet not get the card, what can i do for the card.



Wire transaction: Best withdrawal method

Your speech was true one year before. Now the things are changed.

Best withdrawal method to Bangladesh is wire transaction. It charges only $4.99.

On the other hand Skirll/Moneybookers fee is:
= oDesk fee + Skrill fee + Hidden charge (by intermediary banks)
= oDesk fee + "Receive Money " fee (by Skrill) + Withdrawal fee (by Skrill) + Hidden charge
= $1 + 3.9% of withdrawal from oDesk + $2.34 + $15


Iqbal Bro. Please tell me

Iqbal Bro. Please tell me about wire transaction. How it is done. I would be very grateful.

The Way you do Wire transaction

Hello Md. Iqbal K,

Will you please let me know by which bank you do Wire transaction ? As i have tried it with Brac Bank and I did not revive it. So, your suggestion will be a great help to me. Thanks.


I did not try it.

I did not try it. But form now I will use it.
And I will never use Skrill unless it removes extra fees.
Because I got a great shock from it.

I heard that at the initial stage of wire transaction to Bangladesh, there was a problem with BRAC Bank. But now it is solved.
So can you tell me when you tried this service?


Hi,Thanks for those nice

Thanks for those nice Information. I have few Quotation .
Which Ware transaction method should I use?
Can I transfer My money direct to My Brothers Payple account In Hongkong? (if I do this will there any Problem?)


akrill withdraw charge huge!

mr iqbal...your ans is quite good

True indeed. The Wire

True indeed. The Wire Transfer is the cheapest and safest method but for somewhat reason that process seems much slower than it used to be. I remember only waiting two days for the money to be received but for somewhat reason now it takes 5 days!!