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Will Odesk bring back the sites Green color if I got 1000 Score of 10 Votes or better? A cry to bring back color green in Odesk

I know color may not be a BIG deal for everyone specially those busy people who's trying to earn money but hey for some people like me it's very's giving me the feeling of old beloved Odesk site. Changes is great but why changes your some kind of trademark...I don't want offend Odesk team effort of making the site better but hey why include the color...F*** I really feel like I'm in site. Green is Odesk and Odesk is green! What the point of changing the color? It's Odesk...does the new features of Odesk won't work with the color green? come on guys...bring back the Green site with all the NEW cool features you added!!!

Vote Result

Score: 10.0, Votes: 7
are you an ecologist?


Odesk hopping on the bandwagon

Yep gotta ride that wagon, all the other freelance sites are blue, kinda the one thing about oDesk I liked, green gets you thinking about money. Blue just makes you feel ... well blue. I suppose its sad to be a freelance agent, you gotta be blue all the time now.

I prefer very bright lively

I prefer very bright lively colors because they keep you alert. Somehow blue relaxes you so much that you sleep.