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Anyone Received Money By Using IBAN?


I have a question, Did anyone received money from Moneybookers to Any Pakistani Bank by Using IBAN Code?? I'm using UBL and i want to withdraw money From MB to UBL. Anyone who have received money by using IBAN please comment here Thanks!

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W salam, I use Bank Alhabib

W salam,

I use Bank Alhabib for my transactions from MB.

You can get your IBAN on your bank statement for last month as well.

MB asks it for one time only. I had received my payment and many payments after that as well.

MB is charging 4% to receive money from ODESK?

Hi Kashif,

I have two questions

1- Do the Bank Alfalah will provide me IBAN? I mean do they support it
2- When you transfer your earning from ODesk to Moneybookers do they charge 4%?

I will be transferring amount near 1500 to 2000 dollars


Dear Kashif, I don't think

Dear Kashif,

I don't think BAF has implemented IBAN, they don't even know about What the IBAN is when I have contacted them.

Regarding MB deductions, it'll start deducting about 3%-4% when you have transferred about $4000-$4500. If you have transferred less than $4000 then MB won't deduct anything upon receiving the funds from oDesk.

Take a look at:

Hi Asif, I think every bank

Hi Asif,

I think every bank in Pakistan supporting IBAN now because State bank implemented it. You should contact your bank or check your 2013 bank statements.

I think Odesk charge $1 only for transfer to MB no matter how much the amount is. I always transacted under 500 dollars so not sure.

My last transaction from odesk to MB was few days back.

Is this your first withdrawal from MB? For 1500 to 2000 dollars they charge an intermediary fee other than withdrawal fee.

I got my money!

Thank you kashif for response, i have received my payment by using IBAN No. You can get IBAN no online if you are using UBL because they send Online Statments weekly or monethly you can get IBAN from a Statment. Anyway thanks again for response!

I told you the same that you

I told you the same that you can get your IBAN from your bank statement. I think every bank in Pakistan is supporting IBAN now because my Bank Manager told me that State Bank implemented IBAN.