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I have just started working for a client. I have never been scammed on oDesk before, but I think this might be my first time. I asked for some upfront, but she insisted on paying 7 days after hiring (and based on my calculations, I would've done work worth USD 100 by then). She has also posted about 10 of the same job posting I was hired for, hiring somewhere from 2-5 contractors for each posting. Should I just ditch this project, or should I insist, again, on getting an upfront before I continue with any more work? Is there any way I can ask oDesk personnel to look into this so that they can investigate this client for any fraudulent activities?

I am sorry for the ignorance. I haven't had a lot of exposure here yet, and I'd hate to learn any lessons the hard way, if I can help it.

Here's a link to the job posting, by the way.


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Personally, I will walk away.

Personally, I will walk away. I wouldn't even have had applied to this posting. His history is not trustworthy enough for me. And declining upfront fee? Big no-no.

Huge risk

Huge risk. Follow your instinct and walk away. Legit clients have no problem paying as soon as each article is submitted.


$100 budget, $5 per 500 article so need to deliver 20 articles and be paid 7 days later? Plus samples not sample. Yikes...

Walk away as fast as you can....

Thanks for the input. I just

Thanks for the input. I just sent her a message regarding payment for the one article I have already made. If she still declines, then I guess I'm charging the whole thing, and the 2 hours worth of work, to experience. Smile

If you don't get paid, please

If you don't get paid, please do report the client so that their future activity is monitored and appropriate action is taken. Please do update the thread once you hear back or receive payment.

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