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Hi -- my first forum post, though I often read. I use oDesk as both a contractor and an client, and I've been overall very happy.

A few months ago, I hired a writer to ghostwrite an eBook for me. I'm not new to this game -- I read all the applications carefully, and I did not go for a rock bottom price. This contractor also had great feedback from past clients. She wanted an upfront payment -- and because I also work as a contractor, I understand that, so I made the upfront payment.

Unfortunately, since then, I have been treated to a string of excuses. I have regularly reached out, to be reassured (with specific details) on what's going on, etc., but I haven't gotten the work. The contractor didn't respond to my last inquiry, several days ago -- and I noticed in her feedback that the same thing happened to another client just recently.

I understand that this particular contractor may be going through something right now, but that's fairly irrelevant. I'm wondering if oDesk has a recourse option in place -- can I get a partial or full refund of the upfront payment?

Thanks for any insight!


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Abbi, while there is no

Abbi, while there is no guarantee on fixed price jobs, you should still contact Customer Support so that they can contact this contractor on your behalf and monitor for a repetitive behavior.

Do send you your contractor a clear note regarding this as well or schedule a Skype call with her. Discuss these issues with her and see if a solution ca be found.

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Since she is still responding

Since she is still responding to your emails why not ask her to refund the deposit so you can hire someone with more time to do the work?
Otherwise she faces another bad feedback.
She may do that and you will be able to move on to someone else.