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New contractor needing help to get a job

Hello, I am a new contractor aspiring to get a job. I hope you can help me in landing a good one. I am very much interested to start immediately and is dedicated to accomplish.

Thank You.

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Hello Juvania, welcome to

Hello Juvania, welcome to oDesk.

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Best of luck!

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Start with a rate

Your profile is actually not to bad for a start. You have no rate listed, though. You will want to choose one that is high enough to avoid the scammers that feed on the newbies and contractors who do not charge a respectable rate. Consider what your work is worth globally, and look at the rates of other contractors that are skilled in your profession.

Your English is a bit off. Not horribly so, especially for an accountant. I suggest taking it a bit at a time and really working over each section in your profile for clarity. To start with, lets get you out of the penicillin industry:

Juvania Barrientos wrote:
I can say that I am molded to surpass all challenges and turn those into opportunities for growth.

In order to avoid declaring "I am molded," try, "This experience has molded me, enabling me to surpass all challenges and to turn them into opportunities for growth."