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apostrophe shown as &#039 everywhere on odesk

The apostrophe is shown as &#039 everywhere on odesk. I see this cryptic &#039 everywhere instead of apostrophe symbol lately on odesk. Is it limited to me only? Is it widespread? If that's the case, do the staff know about it?

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This issue had been resolved

This issue had been resolved as far as I know. Have you tried clearing your browser cache and then refreshing the page? Also try a different browser to see if that helps (Firefox or Chrome usually work better). If you are still having issues with the apostrophe, kindly contact Customer Support.

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I see it on feedback comments and profiles. You need to click "more" then it shows the apostrophe.

&#039 bug

Muhammad, oDesk has confirmed that it's a bug.

Dear Natasha,

We appreciate your patience. Our engineers have confirmed that this is a 'bug' that their department is still trying to fix and unfortunately, the estimated time of fix is still unavailable. Please expect this to be fixed in an upcoming product release. As no further input will be required from either of us, this ticket will now be closed. Please feel free to reply at anytime to re-open the ticket if you would like an update.

Welcome back &#039 and  &nbsp

We understand that this could be frustrating when you're seeing special characters on your work history or feedback comments, and we apologize for this. We would like to inform you that the issue was escalated to our Technical Support team as there is a bug.

was it ever even fixed in the

was it ever even fixed in the first place? Puzzled

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