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Wallet issue-urgent


I am new to Odesk. I have applied for payoneer account which is subject to approval once I have sufficient balance in my Odesk account. I have earned more than $30 whereas, for a Payoneer account $25 is required as I belong to Pakistan. In my wallet the amount is shown as Pending transaction meanwhile, balance shows $0. Please help me out with how to proceed further as when I click on withdraw option it says I don't have sufficient balance.


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You can withdraw it only when

You can withdraw it only when it turns into available (it happens on Wednesdays) so you can see it in your "Balance".

There is a Fix schedule from

There is a Fix schedule from payment to withdrawal which is 3 weeks.

1. your 1st week is your work week, cutoff is every sunday,

2. you will get a notice the following day monday so you can review your log and your client can also review your time log. if its hourly (using time tracker) you got no problem as this is covered by oDesk guaranteed payment. 3 days review.(this is were you will see that you have pending transactions)

3. by thursday of same week until tuesday following week is a security hold period.

4. Then next day wednesday you can now withdraw. then you will received a notice from oDesk that your withdrawal has been process. not sure how long it would take with Payoneer but oDesk as per S.O.P promise with in 3 to 5 days you will have your money.

Hope that is clear enough for you.

It does not look like an hourly contract to me?

Where do you get the idea from that Amna is waiting for hourly payments to clear, rather than fixed price payments? There is no hint of a sign of an hourly contract on her profile, only a fixed price one? If it's fixed price, then the weekly payment schedule for hourly contracts does not apply at all, and is likely to confuse her more than help.

If it is a fixed price payment you are waiting for then it can stay pending for a while, then it turns into "pending" with a date when the payment can be withdrawn shown next to the contract in your wallet. The security period between the payment going into "pending" with a date to actually being available to withdraw is 4 days. If it still shows as pending, with no payment due date being shown after a few days you need to contact the client. I have had payments show as "pending" without any "due date" being shown for days and even weeks in one case.

If it is indeed an hourly contract then the best place to get the official schedule from is HERE.

Amna the pending payments

Amna the pending payments can;t be withdrawn, you can withdraw funds once they turn "Available". Like others have said, the time required for the payment to become available depends on whether you have a fixed or hourly contract. Please use the link below to read up on how the payment processing schedule works:

Weekly Pay Schedule

The fixed price schedule is also explained in the link above.

For a short cut, just go to your Transactions page under the Wallet and see if there's a date next to the payment, that's when the funds will be available for withdrawal.

Hope this helps.

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