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Be aware Intentionally dispute and bad feedback by few employer without any reason.

Today I face a big problem about complete work dispute and bad feedback. long time working on odesk with good agency contractor never dispute my work. But suddenly a employer dispute hour without any reason. with a good experienced in various freelancer I believe that odesk lost many quality contractor due to dispute reason. odesk only check work dairy. But it will not perfect thing because there are many job in odesk which need to research and analysis no way to show keyboard activity in this case after complete work quality contractor suffer dispute due to buyer understanding problem and many other problem. someone dispute without any issue just want money back and its a great game even many new contractor hurt about that dispute. I have suggestion to odesk please check and analysis details work not only check work dairy. I also see many freelancer have strong quality in dispute team and they try to check in various way and favor by contractor. So its my suggestion please analysis details work and it will easy to analysis details by lot of way. even odesk hire some marketing specialist dispute team who know seo easily find out that solution. in this case contractor happy and employer understand something. Specially I believe if odesk strong analysis details We can overcome the problem. Thanks

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