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Moneybookers taking 4% on odesk to transfers.

Hello everyone,

I've transferred some amount from odesk to They deducted about 4% of total amount and that is huge amount. Do any one faced this issue.

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Yes, they do charge when you

Yes, they do charge when you reach certain limit. This is what I got when I have contacted them:

"Hi Tahir, receiving funds for the services you provide online, including for freelancing is considered a commercial use of the account and subject to our commercial fees after you reach a certain turnover.

More information is available in previous topics or you may address your queries directly to"

For starters MB is good, you should avoid sending funds through MB once you have transferred about $4000-$4500, as they'll charge the commercial fee after the limit.

Now they charge on each transactions

Here is there reply

"As per your inquiry please note that we identify as a commercial user every account holder who offers any kind of service or product( s ) that generates means of profit or income either directly through its own web site or indirectly through auction sites, classified ads, freelancer sites or other 3rd party sources. In this view, we confirm that freelancers such as web designers, developers, translators, photographers, and/or similar are also considered commercial users."

Moneybookers taking 4% on odesk to transfers.

Today I transfer money from odesk to moneybookers , it means when receive apprx amount, they deducted apprx. 4%.

It is totally Unfair. We should think alternative payment withdrawal method.

Moneybookers withdrawl fees increase

I have call Moneybookers just because i have withdraw 509$ and they deduct 4% of total amount which is huge amount. They simply replied that we have change our policy from 20 Feb, 2013. Now and onward all the payment transfer from Odesk, freelancer etc will be charged 4% and according to my information they have turn the account into commercial. From Wire transfer Pakistan banks are charging huge amount, If a person have dollar account and want to transfer dollar instead of Pak rupees then he/she will be charged 35$ per withdraw. And if you want dollars convert into pak rupees before transfer to bank then please confirm the dollar rates into your bank because Banks in pakistan are receiving dollars in very low amount. For example If today dollar rate is 99 rupees then bank will provide you 92 to 95 rupees. You can make your mind on which option you want to go.


Zahid Mughal

Simple it's are robbery. I

Simple it's are robbery. I took Moneybookers or Skrill now cos was cheaper then Paypal.
Trick was obvious let the bear get used to honey at low cost and then hit it from behind charging for everything big time.
I've been for years with them and silently we have been transferred to business customers charging huge 4%. Now have lost more then 250$ which could easy use Western Union or any other 30 minutes transfer for years.

ODesk should put info as soon as possible that choosing Moneybookers/Skrill business rules are applied and also send message to the users. That is professional attitude.