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Contractor overbilling hours

I've worked with the same programmer for years on my site, and have been happy with the work they've done. Recently, it seemed like he was billing a lot of hours, and I looked on the work diary. I can see that the screen shots had nothing to do with the work he said he was doing, and he took an hour to do something very simple. What should I do? I don't want him to sabotage my site....

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I'm so sorry you had to face

I'm so sorry you had to face this. Try talking to the contractor and see what he has to say. Ask him to refund the hours that he wasn't working on your site. If he refuses you can file a dispute to resolve this. I'd suggest you regularly monitor the work diary to avoid such issues in the future.

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Take a backup (at minimum)

Take a backup (at minimum) before bringing up the issue. You may also want to consider changing all the passwords too. Personally, I'd do both.

Then raise the issue in as non-aggressive manner as you can; but make it clear that you find goofing off on your time unacceptable. People do slack off over time, sometimes, and it may be that a simple warning will be enough to bring the guy back. Maybe not though; hence the backup and password change.