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I Love My Clients BUT

I really do. They keep me happily busy and in beer and skittles. But why oh why do some insist on offering me work at 10% of my headline rate and then want to work outside oDesk when I pay the fee? Best solution gets one free hour of content refundable if it doesn't work at least part the time.

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Richard Farrell...why do I

Richard Farrell...why do I know your name?

Dare I ask

Richard Farrell wrote:
Best solution gets one free hour of content refundable if it doesn't work at least part the time.

Translation, please.

Try it with more skittles and less beer this time. For the life of me, I cannot understand why you offer clients free content and then complain. And, how do you refund free?


The free hour of content is for the person who tells me how to stop this irritation. They return the compliment if the idea does not work

Robin, please

rewind, we are counting bodies and its not a pretty sight.

I am so confused right now. What bodies?

Quest Quest Quest

Exactly my point Robin

Exactly my point Robin, you seem to be confused. I just ask that you think a bit before going for someone trying to help us. That is all.

I should forgo my habit of reading for comprehension

Silly me for thinking that was the proper way to read things around here.

Trying to help is right. I am so sorry that my request for clarity angers you and leaves bodies laying around, but I did read that as his offer for the best solution to the stated situation. If I read it that way, I am pretty sure others will also. Then there are real bodies to be concerned about. Sad

Less beer!?! Hell no!

Less beer!?! Hell no!

It was just a suggestion

temporarily, to help with clarity.

I actually considered the opposite--more beer, less skittles--but that recommendation is a bit risky. Wink

"more beer"?

An excellent idea

There are a couple hanging around here

You are welcome to it. Smile


Any plan starting with "more

Any plan starting with "more beer" has my automatic approval; and won't go wrong at all. Nope.

Here, have mine


I think I will stick with skittles at 10:30am.


**My hourly rate is not negotiable**

Well I can't think of anything else Smile