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Aliases for Withdrawl Methods

I have a couple Direct Deposit accounts set up with oDesk and it would be nice to be able to tell which is which. "ACH/Direct Deposit - Account ending in 1234" isn't really helpful.

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Good suggestion

I have had to learn my bank account numbers in order to know which one I am withdrawing into.
Great suggestion, probably not a ton of coding required, add one field to the database table and one field to screen.

Not intuitive

I suppose this would be nice, now that Margaret notes having to learn bank numbers. If it is easy to add, why not.

I wouldn't mark this as a place where oDesk has left out an obvious feature, however. I, personally, see the last four digits of one of my bank accounts, a phone number, a SS number, and immediately translate it into the necessary info. I believe many people see such numbers as similar to names, so adding a feature that ascribes a name to them is probably not an intuitive thought. They are "names" to people whose minds handle numbers such.

Just saying, for some of us, it is "very helpful" to see those numbers, but now I can see where some people (who maybe don't think in numbers?) may need more.

I vote: yes, if it is not a difficult feature to add (and wont mess up other things).