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IBAN number for Bank Alfalah

Hi all,

I am using Skrill (Moneybrookers) as my payment option to Bank Alfalah. Skrill recently asked to give my IBAN number in order to get the payments. I went to my bank and asked them the IBAN but they didn't even understand what IBAN is and told that it doesn't exist for Bank Alfalah.

I told Skrill about this but they told that every bank should have IBAN in Pakistan.

So my question is from anyone having account in Bank Alfalah and knows how to get IBAN to be used in skrill?


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Yes, BAF didn't implemented

Yes, BAF didn't implemented IBAN yet. Its really funny as I have also contacted there customer support about the issue & they didn't even have a clue what IBAN is.

Regarding MB issue, stop using MB as it'll soon charge you for quite a lot of money as it is charging any freelance work as merchant accounts. Use oDesk's LFT which is lightning fast & will give good USD rate than MB. My funds when sent from MB would reach within 12 working days & when I sent my funds from oDesk's LFT it took only 48 hours.

Hi Talha, Thanks for reply

Hi Talha,

Thanks for reply brother. Yes, MB asks for lots of things and in the end they are too slow.

I am very new here so i don't know what LFT means. Does this mean that I use Odesk's Wire transfer? If yes, how much will it charge?

Also do you have BAF account too? If yes, then is it always that money reaches within 48 hours using LFT?

It would be great to know more...

Thanks again... Smile

Yes, I meant oDesk's wire

Yes, I meant oDesk's wire transfer. Your first withdrawal using Wire Transfer is free, after that it'll charge $4.99 on every withdrawal.

Regarding BAF, yes I'm using BAF for my withdrawals. I have used oDesk wire transfer after almost an year & they have improved it quite a lot, as we receive the funds within 48 hours with excellent conversion rates.

Don't know if it does always reaches within 48 hours, but have a look at the forum & you'll see contractors received the funds even within 12 hours.

Thank You Tahir, I'll

Thank You Tahir,

I'll definitely use LFT now and will try to shift my funds on Skrill to Odesk if it is possible. Otherwise I'll have to first withdraw funds on Skrill by any means and then move on.

Thanks again Smile

It is possible to send money

It is possible to send money back from MB to oDesk, you'll have to get in touch with oDesk support & you'll be using MB's send money option for that. I have just sent back my funds from MB to oDesk & waiting for it to be credited to my account.

Yesterday I got my IBAN

Yesterday I got my IBAN account number from MCB.