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Ive been with oDesk 2 weeks, completed work for a varified client, not even drawn earning and my account suspended?

Hi guys,

I'm starting to feel very frustrated with this site. I have been with oDesk not more that 2 weeks. I joined as a recommendation from a friend.

Ive set up a proffessionl profile, upload my picture, portfolio, detailed work history of which i have 11 years proffessional industry work. Ive filled out forms, and added bank account etc.

I was offer a jobby a contractor, offered a job. I checked them out, fully varified, i completed a project, they were 100% happy and agreed to pay me. They told me to udpate my hours which we had agreed for me to add manually, and to and to issue the designs. (this client has paid out $40,000 on this site so i trust they are good?)

Now since Thursday last week, my financial account has been suspended? I contacted customer support and still no reply. I have sent another contact recently, and have had a reply saying please dont add more requests until the first request is answered.... which for 5 days, still has not been! Ive tried live chat twice, both times standard replies of they are sorry... but cannot help.

Days keep passing... nobody is answering me! How serious can it be? Ive spent 3-4 long days working on design from home, good communications etc.

I really do think, that 5 days is a disgracefully long time to wait!

Rant over... back to banging my head against brickwall!


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